Black Cow – Steely Dan

Black Cow : Steely Dan

Strong and solid as usual. And playing to the music.
I liked the BD touches in the build up in bars 8 and 9 of letter A. And then you add some ghost notes which help build it too, and at just the right volume, not too loud.

Wow, you’re just about a funkster. I’d lighten up a little on the volume of those crashes. I think you would knock down a brick wall with those hits! You can only hit a cymbal so hard. If you hit too hard the real sound of the cymbal gets lost.

Little HH touches on the figure in Bar 4 of letter A are cool too.

You’re really thinking about the music and building it up over the song. That’s so important. It’s not just a beat, it’s an interpretation of the song. Nice.

Grade: A

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