Soul Vaccination: Tower Of Power

Soul Vaccination : Tower Of Power

Soul Vaccination:Yeah, you got it.ON all those short breaks and spaces (also in the half-time shuffle track) I wouldn’t try to put a lot of stuff in there. Leave more space. “Silence is music” as Sonnyboy says. There’s enough going on with the beat and the figures. Just play something simple in those spaces, strong and clean and solid, but not too many notes. Always be thinking about the next downbeat, not about what you’re going to do before the downbeat. That way it makes the transition more smooth.I think D. Garibaldi’s style suits you. It’s real definite and strong but also with a lot of nice ghost notes and accents going on. Maybe you should check out some of his other things: Oakland Stroke, What is Hip?, I’ll put some things on the discussion page.Very nice work.Jimgrade: A

Posted by Jarkko Rantala – Drums on Sunday, September 27, 2015