Pick Up The Pieces: Average white men

Pick Up The Pieces: Average White Band

Pick UP the Pieces:Intro: nice clave accents on the closed HH.Strong groove as usual and this song can use a more aggressive attitude.Nice interpretation of the horn line with Open HH, BD, etc.Good break on bar 4 of B1. You’re gonna have to teach me that stick twirl you did in the space!You’re really getting some good ideas between the open HH and BD to play with the horn figures, very creative and they are flowing out of you very relaxed. That shows you really are getting comfortable with this style.And.. a nice break, keeping the groove, changing it up a little and sliding into the next section. You really take us there on a little trip.Yeah, basically you nailed this song.Great job.It’s been fun working with you. You were a solid player when you started but now you’ve really gotten good at the funk/r&b style. Lots of progress here! I like it.And many thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it!All the best,Jimgrade: A

Posted by Jarkko Rantala – Drums on Sunday, September 27, 2015