Cold Sweat: James Brown

Cold Sweat : James Brown

Hi Jarkko:Cold Sweat:Very strong and perfect interpretation of the original. Not as loud as your “progressive” style. l like this volume and it’s just as powerful.You look very comfortable at the set. You’re body is into it and you’re just laying it down.You really have the ghost notes working well. You really remind me of Clyde S. He is a strong guy like yourself. The recordings were done at a fairly low volume but when he had to play concerts with no mics on the drums he had to bring up, the volume some. Never too loud but he plays with a strong intention, if you know what I mean. He really puts his spirit into the beats, strong desire to go forward.Good job . just what we need. That progressive spirit in a funk bag.Grade A

Posted by Jarkko Rantala – Drums on Sunday, September 27, 2015