Drum Clinics

drum clinic at rock academy turku

I have been taught by great drum teachers. Among them Rod Morgenstein of Winger, one of my  favorite bands by the way, and drummer/ educator Jim Payne. I spent some time in New York, studied through a Berklee College of Music Drum Course together with Rod and Jim – even got to meet Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I’m a big fan of. All of this has inspired me to teach drumming myself. I enjoy breaking down songs, going through the pieces, beats, the rhythm, the thoughts of the drummer in question. I enjoy passing on what I have learned myself throughout my 20+ years of drumming.

I occassionally give private drum lessons but I also co-operate with Rock Academy Finland. I’ve held a couple of Drum Clinics for them in Turku, Finland. A drum clinic is an educational demonstration of drumming technique, usually held by a respected and influential drummer. Rock Academy Finland provides free musical educating and support to young musicians, especially juniors that are in the beginning of their musical careers. Beginners get free help from professionals, from actual music lessons to marketing support, studio time and even making of music videos. How great is that?! A big thumb up for Mark Albert Bertenyi, who is one of the founders of Rock Academy Finland. Love the ideology, and I am more than happy to help young drummers.

Here’s a clip from my latest Drum Clinic, Rock Academy Turku, in February 2017.

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