Monaco March 2017

Jarkko Rantala in Monaco

A good drummer is everything to a band. He or she lays down the  foundation of the music. A good drummer will compliment the rest of the band, decide the suitable rhythm, create the feel.

I need to drum. I practise pretty much anywhere and everywhere. If I don’t have a set of drums, I use a pad, or just give pillows a totally new shape This funny little clip with me by the pool in Monaco reminded me of Steven Adler, the legendary, original, drummer of Gun N’ Roses. Steven struggled with a severe drug addiction and his struggles eventually got him kicked out of one of the greatest bands on this planet, but Steven Adler is a great musician, a fantastic drummer. Adler’s drumming has bouncy soul, even a funky touch. I personally believe that the absence of Steven Adler was one of the factors leading to the downfall of Guns N’ Roses. Adler was not only involved in the sound of the band, but he collaborated strongly in the actual writing process of the Guns N’ Roses songs. Slash has stated, on various occasions, that Adler’s brilliant and creative ideas were a strong and important basis for many of their hits. By the way,  have you noticed that Mr. Brownstone exhibits the Bo-Diddley beat?

Appetite for Destruction was the first studio album by Guns N’ Roses. It was released in 1987, and was a massive success. It became the best-selling debut album in the United States. Appetite for Destruction is also one of the best-selling records ever, worldwide. Welcome to the Jungle, It’s so Easy, Paradise City, Mr. Brownstone and more – all written by Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven Adler. And my very first Note-for-Note Drum Transcriptions were the ones of Appetite for Destruction. And man did I drum through those songs. Thousands of times, evening after evening, in the garage of my parent’s house.

So, what makes a great drummer? I would say a deep well-honed musical sense. Dedication, focus, drive, TALENT. Someone once wrote that knowing when not to play is just as important as knowing when you should. And if and when you’re going to hit something that’s loud, best to do it with confidence and conviction. Absorockin’lutely!

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