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I’m a Kidnapper

I’ll be on a mission to kidnap and you can watch me doing so. I had the pleasure of trying out some TV acting last May, in the highest-rated drama series in Finland, “Salatut Elämät”. Since its first episode aired in January 1999, it has been one of the most...

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I Am God

Yes, I am a drummer. But, I am also ‘God’ – in the Rock Opera “Playing  God”. The origin of the idea of a Rock Opera came from Matti Häyry, Professor of Philosophy at Aalto University Helsinki, and fellow Philosopher Tuija Takala. In short, they wanted to put together a...

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Monaco March 2017

Jarkko Rantala in Monaco
A good drummer is everything to a band. He or she lays down the  foundation of the music. A good drummer will compliment the rest of the band, decide the suitable rhythm, create the feel. I need to drum. I practise pretty much anywhere and everywhere. If I don’t have...

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Drum Clinics

drum clinic at rock academy turku
I have been taught by great drum teachers. Among them Rod Morgenstein of Winger, one of my  favorite bands by the way, and drummer/ educator Jim Payne. I spent some time in New York, studied through a Berklee College of Music Drum Course together with Rod and Jim – even...

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